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Roger's Glass and Welding Service located in Corozal, Belize, features the tools and the resources needed for metal works and iron welding that stand the test of time. Our team is committed to reliable and timely work that meets your budget and schedule.

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Core Features


We weld various metals: iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. We are skilled in numerous kinds of welding and techniques. Arc welding, MIG welding, Brazing, Soldering and Flux Core Welding.

Remote Controlled Entries and Hurricane Shutters

We build various types of metal gates - solid, decorative, aluminum hurricane shutters and instal remote control mechanisms. We make any kind of burglar bars, gates or fences. We build and install enrance doors with electronic lock as well.

Mobile Repairs & Support

We take pride in our work and provide you with full support and guarantee. If our product gets broken we will come and fix it. We do mobile welding and repairs on your premises as well.

Home Design & Stairs

We believe a metal staircase can be anything but dull. Due to the structural properties of steel we are able to create slim, elegant designs. And because steel is long-lasting and recyclable, a steel staircase does not burden the environment. We build many types of staircases from simple to artistic, from regular to spiral, inside and outside. Check our Portfolio.

Additional Services

Continue browsing our website to learn more about us and the services we offer. In addition to our welding services, we create art works and provide repair work for lawn furniture, grills, lamps, lawn mowers, and metal home décor.

Free Estimates

We provide free absolutly non-binding estimates for every project regardless of how massive or small it is. Please contact us with any questions you might have or request an estimate.

Our Portfolio

We work professionally with metal and glass and can make many things out of them. Please explore our Projects and Design Gallery. Or visit us to view our complete Catalogue. You can choose any design we have or bring your own drawings! There are product categories we work with.

Our Happy Clients

We work with many people and businesses in Corozal. This is what our clients say about us.

Our Pricing

We are committed to customer satisfaction from the receipt of your order to its final delivery. We strive to make every customer happy and our products and services affordable. We start every project with free estimate and work with you trying to accommodate your budget and taste. Major projects require a 50% deposit prior to or at the time of acceptance.

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Meet The Team

Our team is committed to reliable and timely work that meets your budget and schedule.

Roger Tun

Roger Tun

Owner, Project Manager

Main Welder any iron, steel, aluminum, glass cutting

Miguel Morales

Miguel Morales


Experienced Welder all types of iron, steel, bronze

Joseo Itzad

Joseo Itzad

General Help

Helps main welders, paints, general assistance

Gregorio Cowo

Gregorio Cowo

General Help

Helps main welders, paints, general assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide variety of products and services, including specialties that you might not find elsewhere in the area. Please take a moment to browse through our frequently asked questions about subjects like welding and iron work, and if you can’t find an answer, just drop us a line.

Do you work with aluminum?

Yes we do, we weld aluminum and build aluminum structures, including windows. We also weld bronze, iron and stainless steel. Our team has expertise in numerous kinds of welding and welcomes adding new techniques to satisfy customer needs.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes. Please give us a call at your convenience or request an estimate via this website.

Can you do custom fabrications based on drawings I developed?

We try our best! We enjoy working closely with inventive and creative customers.

Do you offer portable welding?

Yes. Our experienced welders are committed to providing the same level of quality in the field that you find in our shop.

Do you make and install iron artwork?

Yes, we install everything we make for you and we do a lot of variety of artwork.

Do you use wrought iron?

True wrought iron was used in the 1800s and is no longer produced. We use high-quality iron or stainless steel. Most of our decorative parts and castings are made of cast iron.

What kind of paint finish do you offer?

We use high quality oil-based enamel most common colours satin black, brown, or white with gold, bronze or chrome details, that will last two to three years with minor touch-ups. We use rustic painting style and other custom finishes. Powder coating is available upon request.

How long does it take once I place my order?

As quick as possible. It can vary with job, location, and weather. There are many factors to consider, and we ask that you call and give us the opportunity to custom build what you need.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash, bank deposits and checks. We provide a 5% discount on all cash transactions. Most projects require a 50% deposit prior to or at the time of acceptance.